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Veterans Lecture Series: Gordon L. Bocher, Vietnam Veteran Shares His Story

Veteran's Lecture Series
All Audiences Closed 3/1/2017 4/25/2017 7:00:00 PM

Gordon Bocher will share his story as chronicled in his book “Ghostrider in the Sky.” Bocher served 11½ years in the Air Force. He flew 127 combat rides as a Fire Control Officer (FCO) aboard the AC-130A Gunship. As a recue navigator, Bocher participated in the abortive attempt to rescue the 55 hostages held in Iran. Throughout his service he was awarded two Distringuished Flying Cross medals, eight Air Medals, the Purple Heart, the Conspicuous Service Award from Gov. Mario Cuomo (NY) and two nominations for the Silver Star. His personal story was chronicled in two front page stories in “Newsday,” “People Magazine,” “The Colorado Star,” “The Veterans of Foreign Wars Magazine” and was featured in “The Book of Man” by William Bennet. His book, a work of fiction based Gordon’s experiences in Vietnam and the years that followed, is a tense, steamy and accurate portrayal of the Vietnam era.

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