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Veterans Lecture Series: S.W. O’Connell: Bringing the Revolutionary War to Live with A Tale of Courage, Leadership and Audacity

Veteran's Lecture Series
All Audiences Closed 3/1/2017 5/30/2017 7:00:00 PM

S.W. O’Connell has a passion for history and counterintelligence, and his passion brings history to life in his Yankee Doodle Spy novels. He will present an overview of the Revolutionary War and why it is an important event in our history – something not necessarily obvious to many today. He will also talk a little about espionage and its role in the war, reading excerpts from his books to illustrate points. A book signing will follow the lecture. Mr. O’Connell is a retired U.S. Army counterintelligence officer with numerous operational assignments, primarily overseas. After his military service as counterintelligence director for several of the Department of Defense. The Patriot Spy combines his experience in the intelligence field with his long-held passion for, and study of, military history.

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