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Immigration Film Festival: “Last Men in Aleppo”

Adults, Seniors Closed 5/1/2017 10:00:00 AM 7/27/2017 7:00:00 PM

A film by Firas Fayyad, and co-directed by Steen Johannessen. After five years of war in Syria, the remaining citizens of Aleppo are getting ready for a siege. Through the eyes of volunteer rescue workers called the White Helmets, “Last Men in Aleppo” allows viewers to experience the daily life, death and struggle in the streets, where they are fighting for sanity in a city where war has become the norm. Winner, 2017 Sundance World Cinema Grand Jury Prize for Documentary. This event is a collaboration with POV, the award-winning independent non-fiction film series on PBS www.pbs.org/pov.

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