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Veteran's Lecture Series: Seminary Hospital - The Lutheran Theological Seminary and the Battle of Gettysburg

Veteran's Lecture Series
Teens, Adults, Seniors Closed 3/1/2018 5/30/2018

The Lutheran Theological Seminary in Gettysburg was the scene of the most climactic fighting during the first day of the Battle of Gettysburg. The cupola of the dormitory served as a military observation post while the spaces below were converted to care for the wounded. The building was enveloped by the battle as the Union line collapsed on the western edge of town. This program will highlight the stories of the wounded and their caretakers who operated the field hospital at the Seminary during the battle and its aftermath. Benjamin Neely is the Executive Director at the Adams County Historical Society in Gettysburg. Ben was the lead historian during the development of the Gettysburg Seminary Ridge Museum.

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