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Developing a Positive Self Image for Teens

Teens Closed 8/1/2018 9/19/2018

Developing a Positive Self ImageThis series will consist of a weekly 1-hour session that will be run consecutively over 5 weeks, and is designed to accommodate 10-15 youth participating at one time provideing personal development for the youth teens that will 1) : Increase confidence, allowing them to better perform in school and life; 2) Increase soft skills, helping them better prepare for post-secondary education or the workforce; 3) Increase communication skills with adults, setting them apart from their peers; 4) Increase ability to develop critical thinking and collaboration skills and 5) Include tools and other materials for participants to keep, further enhancing their experience and growth.

Teens must be present for all 5 weeks of the course. Presented by The Goble Group in Partnership with the Northern Lancaster County Community HUB. 12-17 years.

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