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Security on the Internet

This course will introduce participants to the basics of internet security, including: what information may be stolen from them while using the internet; what usernames and passwords are for, how to store information safely and current best practices for creating, use and storage of passwords; how they can identify a secure network but also understand the limitations of that security. understanding security software, secure sites and proper ways to electronically send sensitive information via the web; how to understand, identify and avoid current clickbait, phishing and other questionable marketing practices; identify advertising and understand its dual purpose of marketing and information phishing. The class will discuss the most common current types of scams on the internet and how to avoid falling victim to them. Participants will be able to identify and effectively use parental controls on their computer. Registration required. Funded through a grant from the Pennsylvania Department of Labor & Industry.

Computer Class
Adults, Seniors Closed 5/1/2022 7/28/2022

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